General Meeting Minutes | 11th February 2014

1700, 11th February 2014

The New Amphion, Teviot

In attendance

Adarsh, Claire, Ellie, Harriet, Jamie, Lucy, Mike

Apologies: Rory


  1. Socials
  2. Debate and Talks
  3. LefTea
  4. Strikes


  • Our 130th birthday is in Mid-March (Wed 12/19th?). Possibility of a social, maybe at Malones (building where first meeting was held). Cake needed.

  • Between 4-8 socials before the end of the semester. We could host a movie outing or flat crawl.

  • The next film is a documentary about Stuart Hall. Ask Hamish for details.

  • There is demand for an educational/academic social. Any ideas?

Debate and Talks

  • Independence Debate

    • We have 4 confirmed speakers including Cat Boyd and Jiim Sillars.

    • The venue is still to be confirmed due to room booking complications. Jamie to sort this on Wednesday.

    • Ellie will create FB event. Extensive advertising to other political societies. Also need posters and flyers once venue is confirmed (Mike).

    • The event will be QT-style with each speaker given a short presentation, followed by responses and questions. Attendees can submit questions in advance.

    • Rory will be chair.

    • The event will be “The Big Red Independence Debate”

  • We need to check Tom Slater’s availability. Hamish.

  • Lack of interest in the FemSoc joint event. We could do a LefTea on feminism for International Women’s Day instead.

  • Organise an event with staff/postgraduate tutors discussing their experience of strike action on campus.

  • Music and Socialism event. Adarsh/Hamish ideas?


  • LefTea is now every Wednesday. There is no event planned for this week.

  • Future topics could include Women and Socialism and Industrial Action. We should think about some more different topics to bring some original discussion, such as “Robots and the Left” (Adarsh).


  • We have no details about any future strike action. We need to ensure good communication about future strikes.


None. Meeting closed.


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