General Meeting Minutes (and Election) | 19th November 2013

Room 12.18

1700, 19th November 2013
David Hume Tower Room 12.18

In Attendance

Adarsh, Amy, Claire, Claudia, Dave, Ellie, Jamie, Rory

Apologies: Hamish, Mike


  1. Ceilidh
  2. Elections
  3. Socials
  4. Strikes
  5. AOCB


  • The music and posters are organised. The posters should be printed by Tomorrow (20/11). Everybody spend a little print credit (up to about £2) to print some colours posters.
  • Leaflets also need printed and distribution started by Thursday (21/11) morning (Mike).
  • Baking session on Sunday (24/11) at Claire‘s.  Adarsh will advertise this on the main SocSoc group  and ask Nadia about tables for bake sale. Can we still borrow from GSLT? Any picnic tables that we can be loaned?
  • Bake sale will be Monday (25/11) and Tuesday (26/11) from 12-4pm outside the library. Adarsh will create a poll on the group for helpers shifts (12-2pm and 2-4pm).
  • Everybody bring some decorations (lights/tinsel etc). Ask Kirsty if Teviot will have decorations up and if there is anything left from previous ceilidh (Harry Potter Soc).
  • Loft bar for the baking tables. Have hearty Squirrel/VegSoc replied? Ask Lucy.
  • Possibility of an organising group meal/pub night before Monday. Saturday Night? Ellie will organise.
  • Take names on a GoogleDoc/printed sheet and sign in at the door. Will save us printing tickets.
  • Claudia and Dave should be added to the organising group.


  • LGBTQ Officer: No candidates. R.O.N. Elections again at the start of Semester 2.
  • Disability & Mental Health Officer: One Candidate – Dave (Elected)
  • Social Secretary: One candidate – Rory (Elected)


  • Looking to hold socials fortnightly. Rory will consider future events.


  • Has there been progress with outreach videos/propaganda? Max/Mike?


None. Meeting Closed.


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