General Meeting Minutes | 5th November 2013

1700, 5th November 2013
The New Amphion, Teviot

In attendence

Adarsh, Claire, Ellie, Jamie, Kate, Lucy, Max, Mike, Nadia.


  1. Past Events
  2. Future Events
  3. Fundraiser
  4. Vacant Committee Positions
  5. Film Screenings
  6. Future Industrial Action
  7. Creative Activism
  8. AOCB

Past Events

  • We held three talks within a short space of time. Try to have future events more spaced
    out to give people more time and allow for better advertising.
  • Look into hosting other future events with SJP. They were enthusiastic and came along
    to cohost.
  • Better communication when cohosting. African caribbean society were not present at the Carl Nightingale talk.
  • We should aim for more ideological breadth in future lectures. Open to suggestions from other committee members.
  • Confusion over travel expenses for Stevphen Shukaitis. Provision of accommodation in return for his paying travel costs? Mike to clarify. There should be better communication with future speakers regarding these arrangements.
  • Donations should be taken at the door before/after every talk. Inform people about
    donations in the facebook events for every talk.
  • Emphasise on KB during any future strikes. There was a small footfall for such a large

Future Events

  • Have more more general events about socialism such as 101 sessions. Make these inclusive to other societies and encourage them to attend.
  • Ellie will contact FemSoc about cohosting a discussion group on feminism.
  • Shared event with People and Planet on 26/11. Peter McColl on capitalism and climate change. Posters/fb events to be made. Any other talks this month?
  • Introduce consistent SocSoc branding/templates on our publicity. Has more impact.
  • Possibility of an Independence event/debate involving Labour Students (Better Together) and EUSNA/SNP Students (Yes Scotland) focusing on the role of socialism in the independence question. A similar event already being organised? Adarsh in contact SNP Students.
  • A Christmas Social or Christmas LefTea? Claire will create GoogleDoc to share ideas.


  • It is difficult to find a location for a club night. Teviot underground booked for Monday 25/11 but this is not ideal. Perhaps look into holding it at the Third Door or abandon it in favour of another event.
  • Nadia has the Debating Hall/Balcony/Loft Bar on 30/11 for a christmas ceilidh fundraiser.
  • Mike and Adarsh can hunt for affordable bands. Collaborate on facebook to organise.
  • Claire will set up a GoogleDoc.
  • Hold a refreshers event at the beginning of semester 2. Ask Nadia for details.

Vacant Committee Positions

  • Still looking for Disability and Mental Health (Nadia and Dave interested), and LGBTQ
    officers. Hold an EGM at the committee meeting in two weeks (19/11). Jamie will book a room.
  • Socials currently part of outreach but we need a Social Secretary to arrange regular social events. Elect at EGM.
  • Make sure that people sign up as members. Membership is free. Jamie will go into EUSA to sort the membership app on the EUSA profile (currently not working).

Film Screening

  • Hamish interesting in holding regular Left Film Nights shared with Anarchist Society and other left groups. starting from next semester. These could be held at Banshee?
  • Liberation cinema is starting next semester in Teviot every Wednesday. Coordinate our film schedules to avoid overlap. Ask Nadia for schedule.
  • Jamie will phone and book banshee for Requiem for Detroit (Sun 10/11). The film needs picked up from Adam or found through another source.
  • Interest in having an integrated mailing list for all left wing societies to advertise events.
  • There is a reading list on Google Docs (Mike) to which people can add books. Make sure there is a link for every title (to LibCom etc)

Creative Activism

  • Craftivism combines crafts and activism. Looking into rolling this out to political and art societies.
  • Would SocSoc and KnitSoc be interested? (recreate buntingsoc!)
  • Nadia to provide further details.

Future Industrial Action

  • Promote more awareness amongst students about why the strikes are happening.
  • Educational events are often not well attended. More promotion through social media such as using videos. Submit more comments to the Student/Journal.
  • Introduce a campaign for students to claim back their tuition fees for the day during strikes. Take through EUSA?
  • Strike debrief should be organised ASAP. Friday at 5pm if possible.
  • Form any independent strike committee between all the societies in the future. Strike organisation should not be restricted to SocSoc.


None. Meeting closed.


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