General Meeting Minutes | 27th October 2013

-Contact any post-grad tutors we know and ask them to write up statement about why the strike is important.

-Get as many people as we can to put up posters tomorrow (Monday 28th). Will know more details in the morning. Max Crema

– Mike to talk to Sarah’s friend regarding talk in police infiltration of activist groups.
– Adam to do more research into activist trauma website and contact relevant people – possible talk/workshop.

– 2nd – Stevphen Shukaitis – ‘Work! What is it good for?’ – need poster designed and put up. (Adam will do the poster?)
– 10th – Film screening of ‘Requiem for Detroit’ – need room booked – Banshee’s? – need event made. Jamie
– 13th – Owen Haverly – Talking about architecture, this time with more pictures and less theory. – Mike will email him to find out details – need room booked, event made, posters, etc.
– 26th – Talk by Peter McColl – joint with People and Planet – ‘Climate Change and Capitalism’ – I will contact Nick Dowson (P&P) and find out details – need poster and event.

– Possible club night on the weekend of the 22nd/23rd – Claire to organise this.
– Room for reading group or another Left-Tea? – we will know this when other events are finalised.

– Get recommended readings put on the Google Doc to go onto the FB group – everyone add what you think could be relevant – introductions to socialism, related topics, etc. – not too hacky!
– Always remember to bring recording equipment to lectures – try and film as many as we can – the Stevphen Shukaitis lecture will be filmed.


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