Organising Meeting Minutes | 17th September 2013


1715, 17th September 2013
David Hume Tower room 11.01

In attendence

Mike (President, chairing), Adarsh, Jamie, Amy, Ollie, Max, Ellie, Adam, 1 pack of Cool Original Doritos.

Apologies: Lucy, Hona.


Mike illustriously welcomed comrades. Met with indifference.

Update on speakers

Mike presented list of confirmed speakers:

  • Andrew McGettigan, HE reform.
  • Owen Hatherley, architecture, 17th Nov.
  • Nina Power, feminism, May.
  • Lara Coleman, global resistance to neoliberalism, Feb.
  • Uri Gordon, late October.
  • Iain McKay, week beginning October 26th.
  • Stevphen Shukaitis, November, needs somewhere to stay.
  • Paul McLaughlin, late Nov/early Dec.
  • Gary Day, class and literature, Nov 27th/Dec 4th, LitSoc keen to co-host.
  • Aaron Kelly, marxism, based in Uni so flexible.
  • Imogen Tyler, April 24th.
  • Peter McColl and Franklin Ginn, capitalism and climate change with P&P.

Discussed other speakers. Ollie to contact Richard Leonard, Max to contact George Donald, Mike to contact Donald Rutherford.


Confirmed AGM will be on October 1st. Full committee to be elected. New constitution to be ratified, constitutional amendments can be submitted.

Days of the week

Recent poll came back with Wednesdays as best day to host weekly events. Discussion over time of day, whether early afternoon or evening was better. Students may be more likely to come early afternoon if they’re already on campus, but some people have classes Weds afternoon and others work during the day. Agreed 6pm, with social (SocSocSoc) to follow at 8pm in Teviot Lounge.

Decided we’d wing it re organising meetings until we have full committee in place.

Sunday evenings agreed as best for weekly film nights, agreed we generally prefer Banshee over Brass Monkey, plus Banshee has larger capacity. Adarsh to block book Banshee Labyrinth.

Noted Hona has expressed interest in hosting weekly LefTea reading group in her flat.

What is Socialism?

Mike to plaster Teviot with posters Tomorrow. Agreed we’d have intro talk, followed by facilitated break out groups, before reconvening for ‘open-mic’ and closing remarks. Agreed Mike would do brief opening talk and ask Innes to do outro. Naomi, Hamish, Adam, Kieran have offered to facilitate. Facilitators to be provided with sheet of prompts to help lead discussion.


We have no money and will need money for expenses and propaganda. Discussed possibilities of bake sales and charging entry to events.

The Radio

Discussed possibility of having weekly radio show that can be podcasted, play clips from recent speakers etc. Mike to contact Fresh Air asap.

Meeting closed at approx 6pm.


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