General Meeting Minutes | 26th April 2013

Cask and Barrel (Southside), Edinburgh

1900, 26th April 2013

The Cask And Barrel (Southside)

[To be approved]

In attendance:

  • Lucy Eskell (Treasurer, Chairing)
  • Flora Cantacuzino Levy (taking minutes)
  • Mike Shaw (President)
  • Initially 9 additional ordinary members, grew to approx 15.

Minutes transcribed by Mike Shaw.

Mike and Hona meet Marxists

Hona and Mike (Shaw) met with the Marxist Society to discuss how the two societies can collaborate and compliment one another.

May Day BBQ

We were invited by the Marxist Society to co-organise a BBQ on 1st May for International Workers’ Day on the Meadows (weather pemitting, Meadows Bar otherwise).

Some people have BBQs they can donate.

Vote to support BBQ, 7 for, 1 abstain.

The Internet

The Society agreed that we like the internet and think it is a good thing. Society has Twitter, Facebook and blog.

Flora wants adminship

Adarsh believes everyone should have adminship

Agreed Flora can oversee Twitter (@edunisocialists)

Twitter will be linked to the Facebook page

Agreed we all need to blog regularly, anytime someone feels strongly about something be encouraged to write 4/5 paragraphs. Blog should always be up to date.

Blog posts should be sent to the society email address or through a submit page on the blog for an admin to post.

Blogs should have note that views are personal and do not necessarily represent the society


Discussion about what events to put on, structure, debate?, everybody loves Banshee’s Labyrinth but it may be too small. Should it be led by academics, or society members?

Lucy will be main contact for organising Freshers’ stall.


Freshers’ Week: Film night followed by social. Will play Ken Loach’s new film 1945. Adarsh, Nathan, and Jack will be the main contacts.

Week 1: Debate style/discussion “what is socialism”? Jacob will be main contact point.


Jann very keen to establish formal journal. Writers would be recognised. Already a politics journal/magasine on campus, but not specifically socialist.

Recommended to look into Glasgow Uni Dialectic Society and the Oxford Left Review.

Jann will be main contact for project.

Agreed name will be “Edinburgh Left Review”

Meeting adjourned, followed immediately by very well attended social which lasted until the last stragglers were ejected at 1am. Bar staff keen to ID everyone, wouldn’t accept american IDs. Some people liked the good drinks selection. Complaints about drinks prices.


2 responses to “General Meeting Minutes | 26th April 2013

  1. Wee edit: In terms of film, I am meant to be contact point but I will also be working with Nathan and Jack, the two new folk who were super-cool.

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