General Meeting Minutes | 5th April 2013


1700, 5th April 2013
David Hume Tower room 11.01

[To be approved]

In attendance:

  • Mike Shaw (President, chairing)
  • Hona-Luisa Cohen-Fuentes (Secretary, taking minutes)
  • Lucy Eskell (Treasurer)
  • 15 further ordinary members

1. Discussion: should the Socialist Society prioritize campaigning or educational events/discussions etc.


The focus will be on educating people on socialist ideologies and supporting campaigns on campus where we, as a society, see fit. Educational events will only help the student movement, not hinder it.
Priorities will be too coordinate with other groups on campus, create a strong activist network, educate everyone interested, and  campaign (democratically deciding when).

2. Committee positions, amendments to constitution.

Vote: To vote on committee now or after summer?
Result: Vote after summer
(in order to allow provisional committee to get to work, and allow for new members to get involved in the autumn)

Vote: Remove “events” from events & education officer
Result: Pass

Vote: To add:
a) communications & outreach officer.
b) education officer
c) campaigns officer
Result: Pass
3 new positions!

Vote: Add a clause to our constitution saying that each year the committee will leave money for the incoming committee so that we don’t have to charge membership fees
Result: Pass

Vote: Have 4 reserved liberation positions on committee (women, bme, lgbtq+, disability) and abolish the position of safe space officer (unless less than half of these liberation positions are unfilled).
Result: Pass
4 new positions!

3. What We Will Do Next Year

  • discussion! the relevance of socialism/ Socialism 101
  • reading groups: a variety
  • film screenings
  • skill shares!
  • field trips!
  • activism & the art of resistance
  • workshops- what to do when arrested and other helpful advice
  • discuss Socialism and/in:
    • anti-semitism
    • sexism and other shortcomings of the left
    • feminism
    • anti-imperialism (and not the shallow kind)
    • its various ideological strands
    • music & sport ( sup folk soc!)
    • SOCIALISM IN THE ACADEMY (all of it… ps. smash it)
    • Green politics (environment that is, not the party, as much as we love P Mc)
    • social democracies across the world & scandinavian utopias (?)
    • the media/ hegemony
    • The Revolutionary Potential of Student Associations/Unions
  • Debate: anarchism vs. socialism, libertarian vs. authoritarian, RED VS BLACK
  • status of the left……………….
  • soc soc socials

Meeting closed at approx 1830.


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